Effie Linardatos

Ph.D., NYS Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(Phone) (631) 258-6401

(Fax) 631-406-7241

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress, sleep disturbance, relationship problems, and chronic pain. These very challenging experiences can often interfere with our ability to live a meaningful life, but they can also lead to mastery, resiliency, and growth once we make a commitment to act in congruence with our personal values despite the obstacles. I will provide a supportive environment to allow you to identify what is meaningful to you, develop short- and long-term personal goals as well as the adaptive skills to achieve them.

I am trained in empirically based modalities and rely mainly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and concepts of acceptance, personal values, emotion regulation, and mindfulness in therapy. My practice is also informed by my experiences in research- for selective peer-reviewed publications, please visit The following LINKI am looking forward to working with you collaboratively in improving your mental health and overall quality of life.


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