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Eva M. Greco

Psy.D, M.S. Clin Pharm

(Phone) 631-277-3495

Eva Greco is a licensed clinical psychologist, whose style is down-to-earth, efficient, and guided by interventions validated by research. Therapy begins with an exploration of past and current influences contributing to an individual's current functioning. Therapy focuses on treating symptoms, identifying patterns of behavior, and understanding the context in which they developed. The goal is to help clients make sense of the way they think and feel, clearing the way to make more deliberate and healthy life decisions. Dr. Greco firmly believes in the mind-body connection. As a result, she completed her doctoral degree with a concentration in health psychology. She primarily works with adults and young adults struggling with anxiety/worry, depression, relationship issues, loss/grieving, coping with stress, adjustment to life changes, self-esteem, health issues, time management issues, and existential/spiritual conflicts.

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